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Management Systems Audits


Audit is essential for performance and improvement of any management system. InterMent Consultants have the experience and qualification you require to turn internal auditing into an effective continual improvement tool.

Over a period of time we have recognized that sometimes organizations do not achieve full benefit from their internal audit process.

There are many reasons affecting this, but the three main factors identified are:

  1. Internal auditors Insufficient experience to audit the system
  2. Core activities preventing auditing from being done on-time
  3. Being a direct employee hinder a candid and open report

It is for this reasons ISC provide the following internal audit services:

  • Internal Audit Training (Refresher) Course – To ensure internal auditors achieve necessary competence.
  • Guidance in conducting internal audits- Our Auditors will be present at the time of conducting your audits to guide internal auditors in conducting a well-planned and effective audit.
  • Pre-assessment audits – Our pre-assessment audit will help your organization to thoroughly prepare for certification audits (third party audits)